VRB Construction, LLC does a wide variety of high-end as well as more economical residential remodels: from whole-house upgrades and additions to smaller projects such as kitchens or bathrooms. 

We do roofing, siding and other exterior finishes. 

For those enrolled in state and federal energy programs we do all types of energy upgrades: home insulation, window/door replacements, controlled air ventilation, etc.  We are always happy to sit down with customers to find the most cost effective measures of raising the energy efficiency of the home within each client’s budget. 

For new construction, we can build your dream home or your starter home, and again, will work with you to find where your dreams and your budget meet. 

VRB Construction, LLC also does light commercial work, office remodels, tenant upgrades and more. 

Our pledge in every type of work is to maintain quality and professionalism throughout the course of your project.